Stories You MIISed

Everybody has a unique story to tell, but not everybody gets the opportunity to tell it. Stories You MIISed, as coined by Lauren Howerton (a current MIIS student studying IEP’19), is a storytelling initiative and project which aims to create community through storytelling and allows students, faculty, and the community surrounding MIIS to engage in having their stories told.

Ianthe created this project due to realizing that not every students’ story would be featured in MIIS Communique, but there are so many unique stories that need a platform to be told. Thus, after being offered the opportunity to capture the Black Students at MIIS, and seeing them create community, it was apparent that storytelling creates community.

The projects below highlight stories that develop community! Please discover them and connect to the contact page if you’d like to share your story.


Interconnecting the Diaspora was a projected birthed from an intentional meet-up organized by the women you see before you. It then turned into a Storytelling Initiative that showcases, challenges and struggles these women have overcame as well as their unique stories of perseverance. The goal of this is to begin listening to one another in order to gain perspective about one other to establish how much we truly have in common. . . (read more)