Each Woman has her own story to tell. Please click below to read their stories.

Shinae Meylor

#inTheirVoice: “Challenges Will Come. Keep Going.”

“Being a woman of color seemed to produce a different set of hurdles for me; however, I decided to move forward because those hurdles only showed me how to run in strides.” –Shinae Meylor, IPD ‘19 (read more)



Tangut Zenebe Degfay

#inTheirVoice: “About Girls Unapologetically Outspoken.”

“ Where I am from, a girl outspoken, is a girl looked down upon.” –Tangut Zenebe Degfay, IDP ’18 (read more)

Elizabeth “Liz” Njeri Watiri

#inTheirVoice: “Never Walk the Journey Alone.”

“It has been such a coincidence that all my mentors, bosses and supervisors have been women.” –Elizabeth Njeri Watiri, IPD ‘18 (far-right) (read more)


Francesca Akaton

#inTheirVoice: “I Am A Fighter!.”

“ I am strong because I was raised to be, I am strong because I am a fighter, I am strong because I have sickle cell anemia. And this is what this story is about.” –Francesca Akaton –MPA ’18 (Francesca in the blue sweater, being held up by her sisters) (read more)


Stephanie Villalobos

#inTheirVoice: “About Girls Unapologetically Outspoken.”

“When I look back at those days and compare my challenges today to what they were, I know I have all that I need to be successful today and for the rest of my days.” –Stephanie Villalobos, IPD ‘18 (read more)

Taylor Hadnot

#inTheirVoice: “I Understood My Skin Made Me Different.”

Still, it was the first time that I understood my skin made me different, and that this skin carried with it a lot of baggage.” –Taylor Hadnot, IPD ’18 (read more)